Molest Cadet, Born In Gonaïves, From Christian Parents Learned To ...

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Molest Cadet, born in Gonaïves, from Christian parents learned to play guitar at the age of 12
from local street musicians. He took to playing guitar like a man finding an oasis in the desert who
was dying of thirst. He became renowned very quickly and played in churches and in bands by the age
of 14. It was evident that he had been given a gift, the gift of
music. It was not long after that he also was invited to play in
cities throughout Haiti.
As a young adult, he composed music, conducted choirs, played
in bands (both secular and Gospel), and started to be included
in a number of recordings that would be heard on Haitian radio
stations. One band in which he took part of was “Volcin des
Gonaïves.” He later joined “Soufflé Divin” in order to use his
musical gift to spread the Gospel and became a Minister of the
Gospel. He would teach music, conduct, perform, and Minister
throughout Haiti. With Soufflé Divin and as a Solo Artist, he
has played in Paris and other cities of Europe and the United
It has become a big part of his life to raise awareness of
Haitians’ many needs for, not only monetary, but unity and
growth. His sense of humor has also played a big part in
expanding people’s understanding of the Haitian people.
Molest’s music is diverse and appears in multiple genres. It represents well the Haitian people, its
long history, culture, and soul. His music expands inside people and touches them. His music teaches
the importance of tradition while also developing new traditions. It accepts everyone and is not
judgmental. The beats of the Kompa cause us to move our feet or to tap our toes. The Gospel Blues
lifts us to praise and to pray. But, most importantly, it reminds young and old of the stories of a
people who have had to bond together through so much loss, but who have also been able to triumph
through every day struggles using humor, love, and faith.
Molest Cadet was in a severe car accident three years ago that radically changed his life and robbed
him of his livelihood as a certified nursing assistant. Molest was afraid that he would never be able
to play his guitar again. He has had cervical and nerve damage affecting his whole body. But God
had further plans for him. Thankfully, he has been able to resume his playing as he was able to adapt
his playing style around his physical challenges. Many of his experiences as a nurse’s aid helped him
figure out new ways to play his guitar. But, mostly it was his experience as a teacher that helped him
persevere and allowed him to use his gift once more to continue his mission to help others through his
music. He has been able to go back to Haiti for missionary work with Soufflé Divin and on his own.
Molest has also been working on making a new CD dedicated to help Haiti, which will be out soon.
He is ever grateful to those who have helped him and to those to whom he cares for and continues to
serve, his family, and those in need throughout the world, but especially all the Haitian community.
Molest Cadet
Haitian Cultural Ambassador

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