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« Disaster Risk management for the
communities and institutions in the
Commune of Gonaives, Department of
Artibonite »
 Created in 1979
 International network (Paris, New York,
Madrid, London, Montreal)
 Presence in more than 40 countries
 Intervention in emergency and pos-emergency
context in:
- Nutrition
- Food Security
- Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
- Advocacy and awareness raising
ACF in Haïti
 Permanent presence in Haiti since 1985
 Currently 12 projects in the areas of:
• Prevention, detection and treatment of acute malnutrition
• Psychological support to victims
• Improvement of access to water and sanitation facilities/ Hygiene promotion
• Disaster Risk Management
• Food security and livelihoods (cash for work, income generation activities)
• Response to cholera
 490 staff (among which 35 international) divided in 3 offices (Port au
Prince, Gonaives and Bombardopolis)
 Projects funded by EuropeAid, ECHO/DIPECHO, SIDA, USAID, UNICEF,
ACF funds
All the projects, whether they are in a context of emergency or in response to
structural problems, are framed within the logic of support to the local capacities.
ACF in Haïti
(base in Bombardopolis)
(base in Gonaives)
Food Security and Livelihoods
Psy. support & health care.
Dept. West
(base in Port au Prince)
WASH / Nutrition
Food Security and Livelihoods
Psy. support & health care.
ACF DRM in Haïti
 Specific DRM projects:
—Past two DIPECHO 2008-2009 / 2010-2011 in Nord West
—Current UNICEF MRR in North Artibonite and North West
—Current DIPECHO 2011-2012 in Artibonite.
 Integrated DRM: Food Security and WASH projects
 DRM staff structure:
• 2 DRM Project managers in Gonaives
• 1 DRM Technical Coordinator in Port au Prince
• DRM Technical support in HQ
ACF DIPECHO Project in
Gonaives 2011-2012
 Project name:
“Disaster Risk management for the communities and
institutions in the Commune of Gonaives, Department
of Artibonite”.
 Project duration:
18 months: July 2011 – December 2012
 Project location:
Commune Gonaives. Department of Artibonite.
ACF DIPECHO Project in
Gonaives 2011-2012
ACF DIPECHO Project in
Gonaives 2011-2012
ACF DIPECHO Project in
Gonaives 2011-2012
 Context of increasing risks and vulnerabilities
 Lack of capacity of the DPC (SNGRD)
 Lack of coordination between relevant DRM actors and insufficient
participation of DRM CBOs
 Too much focus in preparedness and response
Project specific objective:
“Increase the level of preparedness to disaster and
vulnerability reduction measures of the communities
exposed to different risks in the urban and peri-urban
areas of Gonaives”
ACF DIPECHO Project in
Gonaives 2011-2012
R1: Reinforce the link between the communities and the institutions by
the creation of a coordination platform able propose operational
disaster preparedness activities and a subsequent long term strategy
of reinforcement of resilience and risk management.
Main indicators: PCVA, operational DRM system in the commune, Global DRM plan
for 3 years.
R2: Reinforcement of the capacities of communities and institutions for
a better preparedness, mitigation and response to the different
Main indicators: Creation & reinforcement of Commune Committees and Brigades
(training and equipment for EW and response activities, budget and training for
implementation of mitigation projects), 20 Schools/Shelters, trained, equipped and
adapted for PWD.
ACF DIPECHO Project in
Gonaives 2011-2012
Synergies and coordination opportunities:
 Capacity building of the SNGRD (DRM tools, communication, advocacy )
 Preparedness and response / vulnerability reduction (nutrition)
 Information sharing
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