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600 SW 3rd Street, Suite 2201
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060
Divine Grace Ministry
School & Boarding Home for Deaf Children
— Gonaives, Haiti —
For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.
Ephesians 2:10
Project Synopsis
This school and boarding home is dedicated to caring for up to 55 deaf children, ages four to 18,
many of whom are at-risk orphans or come from very poor families.
We want to help Pastor Juinato Genada of the Filipino Baptist Mission provide high-quality education
and safe living quarters for deaf children in Haiti — a developing country with very few specialized
schools for the deaf. The goal is to teach these children how to communicate and eventually live
independently, and to teach their family members how to better assist and interact with them.
Gonaives, one of the
poorest cities in Haiti.
$6,600 will help support
the school and boarding
home for a whole year.
• The living conditions
in Gonaives, Haiti, are
some of the worst in
the country and are
characterized by hunger,
homelessness, a stunted
economy, and a lack of
public infrastructure.
• When it was built in
2011, Divine Grace was one of the only deaf schools in Haiti that followed the same national
curriculum used by non-handicapped children.
• Today, Divine Grace not only teaches children to read, write and do arithmetic, but also teaches
universal sign language.
• The ministry also teaches children and youth technical skills such as carpentry, masonry, sewing,
baking, and construction, all the while helping them to develop their Christian faith.
• Pastor Genada has a special place in his heart for Haiti’s deaf children, many of whom are
orphans or come from very poor families. These children are often denied the opportunity to
attend school, are abused and mistreated, and are shoved to the outer fringes of society.
• Cross International is committed to helping these forgotten children by providing vital support
to the Divine Grace Ministry.
Pastor Juinato Genada has been ministering to the poor in Gonaives, Haiti for almost
20 years, and his special heart for deaf children led him to establish Divine Grace.
The Forgotten Children of Gonaives
The challenges of life in Haiti are well-documented. From malnutrition to unemployment to
problems with homelessness, hardships confront the country’s people every day. But imagine how
much more difficult life in Haiti would be with a disability.
For the country’s deaf population, survival is an almost insurmountable challenge.
That’s why Cross International supports Divine Grace Ministry, a boarding home and school for
the deaf founded in 1995 by Pastor Juinato Genada and his wife, Rose. Originally from the Philippines,
the Genadas felt called by God to move to Gonaives, Haiti — one of the harshest examples of
debilitating poverty in the
Western Hemisphere.
“I knew the challenges
facing the deaf,” said Pastor
Genada. “Here, they cannot
communicate with people.
They get in accidents. Because
of their handicap, people
ignore them.”
As he studied the problem,
Pastor Genada discovered
poverty was so severe in
Gonaives that many parents
with a special-needs boy or girl
were unable to properly care
for the child. With barely
enough to feed themselves, few
could afford to send a deaf
child to a specialized school so
he or she could learn how to
read, write and do arithmetic. Some even lacked the education to fully understand their deaf child’s
circumstances or needs. A few even considered their child cursed and therefore unworthy of their
love and care.
Knowing that God saw these children differently, Pastor Grenada saw an opportunity to manifest
Christ’s love and grace. He saw that the area’s deaf children were especially vulnerable, and he worked
to ensure they would not be forgotten or forced into a life of begging in the streets.
Deaf children in Haiti may be considered outcasts, but the loving staff at Divine
Grace show them they are greatly loved and valued by God.
But as for me, I am poor and needy; may the Lord think of me.
You are my help and my deliverer; you are my God, do not delay.
Psalm 40:17
Gifts from God
At Divine Grace, forgotten or underappreciated children are given the opportunity to thrive in the
light and love of Christ. With the support of Cross International, the ministry’s dedicated teachers
and staff members are able to provide children and youth with a quality education, nutritious daily
meals and a positive, Christian living environment.
The school not only teaches children to read, write and do arithmetic, but also teaches universal
sign language as established by the World Federation of the Deaf. The school also provides technical
education, teaching children and youth technical skills such as carpentry, masonry, sewing, baking,
and construction, all of which help them develop their Christian faith.
Under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Genada, the Divine Grace ministry also includes a feeding
program for 1,120 poor children from the community. He has baptized more than 1,000 believers,
planted 38 churches, and built a congregation of about 300 members at his own church. To help his
ministry become self-sufficient, Pastor Genada has established a bakery and a water purification
business, both of which are staffed by young adults who are deaf.
Considering Pastor Genada’s special heart for deaf children, it’s no surprise that he has expanded
his ministry to include a primary school, a boarding house, a feeding center, a bakery and a vocational
training center. Pastor Genada realizes that deaf children in Gonaives have a greatly reduced chance
of ever getting a quality education, and thus a diminished chance of ever having the skills to support
themselves as adults. If they remain uneducated, unloved and unaware of Christ’s love for them, they
run an even greater risk of living a life entrenched in poverty.
Virtually all of the deaf children in Pastor Genada’s care are either orphans or are from very poor families
who can barely meet their basic needs. That’s why the ministry is structured the way it is. Living in a loving
Christian environment and receiving a Christ-centered education will help these children overcome their
handicap, experience the light of education, and grow up to become self-aware and fulfilled adults.
A Day in the Life of Divine Grace
Learning to communicate well
through sign language is a valuable
part of Divine Grace’s curriculum.
In addition to standard academics, young people at Divine Grace
learn valuable trades such as sewing, cooking and art.
The mission bakery provides
job training, employment and
self-sufficiency for the mission.
Each child at Divine Grace receives nourishing
meals, to ensure they will meet the potential God
has in store for them.
600 SW 3rd Street, Suite 2201 • Pompano Beach, Florida 33060 • 800-391-8545
Copyright Cross International. Cost-effectively written, designed and printed in-house.
Our Promise to You!
Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures for this project incurred during the
current calendar year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project,
the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.
Help Now!
Deaf children in Haiti may sometimes start life being labeled a burden or a curse and neglected by
their families, but Pastor Genada is changing that damaging profile in dramatic ways, and young boys
and girls are blessed and given hope as a result.
The pastor’s 20-year ministry in
Gonaives stands as an example of how
God can work through faith-filled
people to spread Christ’s love and to
bring healing to those in need. If not
for Pastor Grenada’s efforts, some of
these children might otherwise have
been forgotten. But today they live a
life of promise and hope!
Please — help Cross International
empower this faithful missionary so he
can offer this important ministry to
deaf children in Haiti.
Only with your help can deaf
students continue to successfully
achieve the same academic standards
as mainstream students. Only with
your support can an effective bridge of
communication be built between these
children and their parents. Because
Pastor Grenada sees his mission as a
service to both the child and the family,
parents are also trained to care for and nurture their deaf children. You can play an important role in
this mission too!
Just as God called Pastor Genada from his home in the Philippines to serve in Gonaives, Jesus is
calling each one of us to serve the poor in his name as Acts 20:35 proclaims: “By this kind of hard
work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed
to give than to receive.’”
Join us to “help the weak” by blessing poor deaf children eager to overcome their handicap and
come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Your support of Divine Grace will give them that
opportunity and so much more!

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