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By Xiao Qiu
ZHANGZHOU: As a coastal city
facing Taiwan to the east, Zhangzhou
is accelerating its co-operation with
the island in the agriculture sector,
a priority development industry in
the city.
It regards enhanced agricultural
collaboration with the island an important part of promoting the city’s
economic development.
The Taiwan Agriculture Development Park, launched in early April
this year in Fuzhou and Zhangzhou
of Fujian Province, is just one of the
steps taken to upgrade such co-operation.
Located in southeastern Fujian
Province in the eastern part of the
mainland, Zhangzhou will spare
no efforts in speeding up the park’s
construction and luring further
Taiwanese investment over the next
three years.
With a total area of 100 hectares
in Zhangpu of Zhangzhou, the
park aims to become an important agricultural product-transfer
base for Taiwanese enterprises, as
well as an incentive for Taiwanese
investment and advanced technology.
By the end of April this year,
a total of six Taiwanese-invested
enterpr ises had sett led in the
park which is located in the crossStraits experimental zone for agricultural co-operation in Zhangpu,
another agricultural co-operation
base which was launched early in
Since its establishment, the experimental zone has played an important
role in the city’s agricultural co-operation with Taiwan.
A total of 468 Taiwan-invested agricultural projects have settled in the
experimental zone since 1997, with a
combined contractual investment of
US$855 million and an actual investment of US$526 million.
In addition to the development
park and exper imental zone,
Zhangzhou has successfully held
the cross-Straits Flowers & Plants
Exhibition for the last six years.
According to statistics, a total
of 390 Taiwan-invested agricultural projects were signed in the
last six years of the event, with a
contractual investment of US$1.31
Agricultural co-operation between Zhangzhou and Taiwan has
a long history since the city shares a
similar environment for agricultural
development with the island.
Presently, the city is home to a
total of 827 Taiwan-funded agricultural projects, with a combined of
contractual investment of US$1.16
billion and an actual investment of
US$710 million.
The city has also introduced a
large number of seeds and breeds
from Taiwan, enabling it to enhance
the quality of its agricultural produce.
In addition, the city has introduced
more than 1,800 advanced agricultural facilities and state-of-the-art
technologies from the island.
Co-operation with Taiwan has
helped the coastal city speed up its
agricultural modernization.
In 1994, the city was approved to
be an agricultural demonstration
zone and export-oriented base by
the State Council.
The city has developed a total of
eight agricultural key industries, such
as fruits, forest and bamboo, fi shery,
animal husbandry, fl owers, vegetables,
edible fungi and sugar cane.
In 2004, the city realized an agricultural products export volume of
US$791 million, accounting for 27
per cent of the agricultural output
value in the mainland.
Taiwan-invested agro enterprises are the major driving force of
Zhangzhou’s agricultural exports.
Last year, these enterprises generated
an export volume of US$395 million,
an increase of 44 per cent over the
previous year.
By Hu Meidong and Qiu Quanlin
Zhangzhou, located in the southeast
of East China’s Fujian Province, is
striving to develop into an ecologically-sound industrial and trade port
city in the near future.
Sources with the municipal government said that the city will attach
more importance to industrial and
trade development by actively involving itself in the development of the
economic zone along the west coast
of the Taiwan Straits, which was
launched in January last year.
As a port city facing Taiwan
Province to the east, Zhangzhou
sees enhanced business co-operation with the island as an important
component of promoting industrial
and trade development.
To this end, the city will further
develop its port and related industries and strengthen co-operation
with Taiwan in sectors ranging from
agriculture to trade.
The city will develop a series of
port-related industries, including
transportation facilities, logistics
and the establishment of direct cargo
links to Taiwan.
With Zhaoyin Port and Gulei Port
as centres, the city plans to develop
an economic and trade base for Taiwanese-invested enterprises in the
years to come, in the hope of luring
further Taiwanese capital.
In addition, the city will develop a
great number of industrial projects,
including shipping, machinery, home
appliance, electricity, building materials, chemicals and furniture.
The city will speed up the development of a total of 31 industrial
projects with a combined investment of more than 100 million yuan
(US$12.09 million), sources with the
municipal government said.
The coastal city also aims to
develop more industrial projects,
expecting each to reach an industrial output value of 60 billion yuan
(US$7.26 billion).
The municipal government has
also set its sights on a total industrial output value of 100 billion yuan
(US$12.09 billion) in 2005.
In addition to ports and industrial
development, the city will strengthen
agricultural co-operation with Taiwan Province, and further develop
sectors ranging from fruit, greenstuffs, aquatics, fl ora and farming
to tea.
Geographically, the city links
Xiamen in the north to Shantou in
the south.
It has become an important transportation hub in Fujian, linking
Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces,
as well as Hong Kong and Macao
special administrative regions.
The Yingtan-Xiamen Railway
connects many other cities all over
the country.
The city’s road network extends in
all directions.
Lying in the lower reaches of the
Jiulong River, Zhangzhou was proclaimed a historical and cultural city
by the State council in 1986.
It has a large collection of cultural relics and historic sites. The
Xiantong Depository of Buddhist
Scriptures in the city’s Central Park
contains sculptures of Buddha and
Buddhist scriptures carved on a
Nanshan Temple, with the Heavenly King Hall, Great Hall and
Depository Hall, was built in the
Kaiyuan reign of the Tang Dynasty
(AD 618-907) and was restored in the
successive dynasties.
The round buildings in Zhangzhou
are truly a wonder.
Zhangzhou enjoys a pleasant environment with a mild climate and
abundant rain.
With an average annual temperature of 21.4 C; over 2,000 hours of
sunshine, and a frost-free period of
330 days, Zhangzhou is a natural
green house in the subtropical monsoonal climate zone.
In addition, Zhangzhou is one of
the famous hometowns of overseas
Chinese and Taiwanese compatriots.
About one third of all Taiwanese
originated in the city.
Since reform and opening program, Zhangzhou has worked hard
to improve its investment environment.
The city has pumped massive
investment into infrastructure
facilities, including the construction of road, water, electricity and
telecommunications facilities.
The Zhangzhou-Xiamen Expressway has been completed in the wake
of the enlargement of the No 324 and
No 19 national highways. Presently,
the construction of two expressways, as well as that of a railway in
Zhangzhou Development Zone, are
in full swing.
Also, the port’s handling capacity
has reached more than 130 million
With the completion of the largest
Taiwanese-funded Housi Power Plant
in 2004, Zhangzhou has become one
of the most important power suppliers in Fujian Province.
The abundant natural resources
and enhanced infrastructure development have laid a solid foundation
for Zhangzhou’s economic development.
In 2004, the city realized a gross
domestic product (GDP) of 70.2
billion yuan (US$8.49 billion), an
increase of 11.6 per cent over the
previous year and a fi ve-year high.
In the agricultural sector, the
city realized an output value of 24.6
billion yuan (US$2.97 billion) last
year, an increase of 5 per cent over
the previous year.
The city has a total of 72 overseasfunded agricultural enterprises,
which were all newly founded last
year, sources with the municipal
government said.
Meanwhi le, the c ity had an
industrial output value of 81.7 billion yuan (US$5.62 billion) in 2004,
up 23.9 per cent over the previous
The number of large andmediumsized enterprises in the city reached
more than 1,000 in 2004, contributing much to the growth of GDP.
The utilization of overseas investment was another success story for
Zhangzhou last year.
In 2004, a total of 269 newly overseas-invested enterprises settled in
the city, with a combined contractual investment of US$563 million
and an actual investment reaching
US$531 million, an increase of 10.9
per cent and 15.3 per cent over the
previous year respectively.
Overseas-funded enterprises are
the major source of Zhangzhou’s
tax revenues.
Last year, these enterprises generated a total tax revenue of US$1.4
billion, an increase of 46 per cent
from the previous year.
In addition, the city realized an
export volume of more than US$2
Based on economic and trade
achievements last year, the city
expects its GDP in 2005 to grow
by 11 per cent over that of 2004,
sources with the municipal government said.
Zhangzhou enhances cross-Straits trade ties
City welcomes Taiwanese enterprises
to develop port-related industries
By Quan Lin
ZHANGZHOU: Thanks to its proximity to Taiwan, Zhangzhou in East
China’s Fujian Province has maintained strong economic and trade
co-operation with the island.
By the end of 2004, a total of 1,847
Taiwanese-invested enterprises had
settled in the city, with a combined
contractual investment of US$6.6
billion and an actual investment of
US$4 billion, making up 46.5 per
cent and 56.1 per cent of the total.
In addition, a total of 861 Taiwanese-funded enterprises had gone into
operation in the city by the end of
2004, making up 46 per cent of the
Experts say that Kuomintang
Chairman Lien Chan’s visit to the
Chinese mainland at the end of
April will be conducive for Fujian
to better strengthen economic and
trade co-operation with Taiwan in
the years to come.
Zhangzhou, a coastal city facing
Taiwan to the east, will take this opportunity to further enhance business co-operation with the island
by actively involving itself in the
economic zone along the west coast
of the Taiwan Straits.
The zone launched a strategy to
speed up local economic development and promote business co-operation between Fujian and Taiwan
in January last year.
With Fuzhou and Xiamen as
centres, the zone stretches along the
coast from Zhejiang’s Wenzhou in
the north to Guagndong’s Shantou
in the south.
As a result, the city sees enhanced
economic and trade co-operation
with Taiwan as one of the most important engines to promote the city’s
economic development.
Overseas-funded enterprises have
become the major driving force behind Zhangzhou’s economic development in recent years.
In 2004, the city’s GDP grew by
11.6 per cent over that of the previous
year and its export volume increased
76.3 per cent.
Overseas-funded enterprises generated an industrial output value
of some 33 billion yuan (US$3.99
billion) in 2004, making up 71.1 per
cent of the total.
In addition, the export volume of
those enterprises stood at US$1.81
billion last year, making up 83.8 per
cent of the total.
By the end of 2004, a total of 3,950
overseas-funded enterprises had
settled in the city, with a combined
contractual investment of US$12.69
billion and an actual investment of
US$7.04 billion.
Zhangzhou, a city linking Xiamen
and Shantou, two special economic
zones, ranks third in the nation in
terms of the utilizations of Taiwanese
In addition, the city has established trade and economic relations
with about 140 countries and regions
throughout the world, including
Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Japan.
With overseas investment, the
city has developed a number of major industries, including foodstuffs,
machinery, building materials,
energy, electronics, chemicals and
Investment from the island booming
Agriculture co-op speeds up
Many Taiwanese originate in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. A Taiwanese senior citizen came back to Zhangzhou and tasted hometown’s water .
The annual Zhangzhou International Flower Expo attracts many visitors and exhibitors worldwide. CAI PENGCHENG
Tulou, a kind of traditional building in rural areas in Zhangzhou ZHUANG HONG
Beautiful scenery of Zhangzhou
TUESDAY MAY 17, 2005
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