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the end, the twenty teams presented their
final projects and we selected first, second
and third place winners from each country
to be awarded the National Grand Prizes.
Partnering to accelerate commercial
In the United States, the ten teams
partnered with environmental organizations
to design and implement solutions to
increase recycling at businesses that
create significant on-site waste, such as
restaurants and bars. The teams began
by conducting a needs assessment that
revealed three key challenges facing
local store owners as they seek to adopt
recycling practices, including cost, time
and lack of local services. With these
findings in hand, teams worked to develop
ways to overcome these challenges.
Creating a Better World through
Economic Empowerment
The first place Better World Project
Partnership team in the United States, from
Gulf Coast State College, realized that their
community in Panama City, Florida did
not have any facilities that accepted glass,
so they created an innovative pilot project
that turned discarded glass into tumbled
sea glass. Using a concrete glass mixer, the
team combined recycled glass, sand and
seawater to create the new sea glass, and
helped sell it for landscaping, aquarium
floor cover and other craft purposes.
As a result of the team’s efforts, glass was
kept out of landfills and recycling increased
by 30% during the duration of the project.
The Gulf Coast State College students are
currently working to expand the initiative
to further increase recycling and create
larger volumes of glass.
At AB InBev, we know that
having a Dream is just
the first step to creating
a Better World.
That’s why we’re proud to partner with
Enactus, a nonprofit organization
that inspires students to live out their
entrepreneurial dreams to improve their
communities. Launched at the end of
2014, the AB InBev Better World Project
Partnership works to empower students
to create and implement community
development projects that improve
livelihoods. In this first year of the Better
World Project Partnership, we engaged
students from the United States and China
by inviting ten teams from each country
to propose innovative solutions to the most
pressing economic problems facing their
local communities. The selected teams
committed to help advance the economic
progress of their regions by implementing
programs to improve business and career
training, create new jobs, and increase
local business and/or household income. In
2015 Global Citizenship Report
Teacher Trainings at Lezhi AB InBev Hope Primary School
QUALITY TEACHING METHODS are not a widespread practice in rural schools
in China. In order to equip teachers with better instructional techniques, we
sponsored a two-day training for 213 teachers in Lezhi, Sichan in October 2015.
On the first day, Mr. Shizhong Huang, a top national math teacher, trained 103
teachers from 66 rural schools in Lezhi County on standardized and effective
math teaching methods through classroom simulations and role-play scenarios.
The next day, Mr. Denning Zhu conducted similar trainings related to physical
education on the playground and demonstrated better ways to engage students
through basketball and other sports.
Because this first training was so successful, additional trainings were
subsequently conducted in other cities around the country. Throughout 2015,
2 186 teachers from 421 elementary schools received the special teacher
instruction, logging 18 396 total training hours.
Through all ten projects in
the United States, students
collectively improved recycling
practices at 20 businesses
by training 156 business
owners and employees and
diverted over five additional
tons of aluminum, cardboard,
paper and plastic waste
that were recycled instead
of landfilled.
Improving local livelihoods in global
In China, the ten teams were tasked with
finding ways to improve livelihoods in
the low-income communities surrounding
five select Primary Hope Schools in Harbin,
Zhangzhou, Xinxiang, Lezhi and Suquian.
These schools were built through a
partnership between AB InBev and the
China Youth Development Foundation
(CYDF), an organization whose “Project
Hope” initiative seeks to help school
dropouts in poor, remote regions return to
school and complete at least an elementary
education. Since 2012, AB InBev has
assisted CYDF with the construction of 14
Hope primary schools, five Dream football
pitches and two Happy playgrounds.
We have also supported the revitalization
of a multimedia classroom in Yingkou City,
Liaoning Province.
The first place Better World Project
Partnership team in China focused their
efforts on the Zhangzhou AB InBev Primary
School and the nearby Langiao village.
Approximately half of the residents
in the village make their living by selling
raw bamboo shoots, however up to
5% of the plants are not sold due to their
appearance, despite the bamboo still
being edible.
The team of students developed a
solution to dehydrate, process and package
the leftover produce and turn it into
a new marketable product to sell in local
markets and online. Over the course
of the project, 200 pounds of bamboo
shoots were repurposed and sold by five
local merchants, decreasing waste in the
community and increasing the income
of households. In the first three months
alone, the house holds took home an
additional income of more than 550 USD
(average of 110 USD per household).
Overall, the ten Better World teams
in China helped to provide business and
career training to over 100 people,
assisted in the creation of 12 new
businesses, empowered the improvement
of three existing businesses and helped
over 40 people gain employment.
Making a lasting change
Through our partnership with Enactus, we’ve
been able to make a positive contribution
to local economies across Zones. Not only
have students gained experience and
professional development by engaging
their entrepreneurial spirit; they have also
made a positive impact in the areas where
they, and our colleagues and consumers,
live and work.
In November 2015, we began the second
year of our programming in China and
expanded the reach of our partnership with
Enactus to Mexico, where teams will help
local residents make a living and positively
impact the environment by selling goods
made from discarded brewery materials. We
look forward to sharing results from both
China and Mexico later in 2016.
Learn more about our project partnership
Top Markets
US, China, Mexico

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