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Co.,, Fujian, Co.,Ltd, Ltd., Fuzhou, Co.,Ltd., Quanzhou, products, Changle, Textile, Technology, Knitting, fabrics, Ceramic, Crafts, Arts, Import, Zhangzhou, fabric, Export, Home, Fashion, Development, Weaving, Industry, Products, products,, decoration, Trade, Group


Category Compnay Name Detailed profile
Timetek (Fujian) Electronics Technology Co. (Ltd.) Automotive electronic accys, RF modules
Fujian Haian Rubber Co., Ltd. Tyres
Fuzhou Conssin Import And Export Co.,Ltd Locks, latchs
Fujian Province Tongxing Auto Synchronizers CO.,Ltd
synchronizers, gears for transmissions, side gears of differential, pinion gears, cylindrical
gears; cross spiders; universal joints; slack adjustors; bearings
Quanzhou Fengye Industrial&Trading Co.,Ltd. air, oil and fuel filters for vechicles
Fuzhou O'lovey Trading Co., Ltd. Switch & socket
Fuzhou Dig Sword Land Machine Co.,Ltd. Construction tools, jack hammers, hydraulic brakers
Fujian Huatai Power Supply Co., Ltd. Diesel generators, mobile power units
Fuzhou Huagui Machinery&Hardware Co., Ltd Wall mounts, bracelets for multi purpose
Fujian Linan Silicon Industry Group Silicon metals
Fuzhou Matlas Imp.&Exp.Co.,Ltd. Construction tools, rock brakers
Shengyi Steel Fittings Co., Ltd. Of Changle,Fujian. Arranging exhibitions
Fujian Mintai Technology Development Co., Ltd. Diesel generators, mobile power units
Fujian Putian Yuquan Construction Materials Co., Ltd Rosa beta stone, Florence stone
Fujian Province Changle City Zhenling Machinery Co.,Ltd
circular kniting machines, weft knitting, knitting oil, industrial belt, band carrier
Fujian Quanzhou Liyuan Stone Co.,Ltd granite blocks/slabs
Fujian Xishi Co.,Ltd Granite, marble raw materials
Quanzhou Fengze Fufan Machinery Co.'Ltd Construction machines, tools
Fujian Nanan Julun Machine Co.,Ltd Polishing and cuttingmachines
Quangong Machinery Co., Ltd Concrete blocks, concrete elements
Xiamen JiYou Group Co., Ltd plastic pipe system components
Fuzhou Biaoli Aluminium co.,Ltd. Aluminium raw products
Fujian Jintaili Doors Co., Ltd. metal / wooden doors
Fujian Minghui Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. metal and wooden furnitures, doors
Fuzhou Metal-New High-Temp. Tech. Co., Ltd. ceramic foam filter, master alloy, additive, flux, and in-line degassing equipment
Zhangzhou Manley (China) Solar Technology Co., Ltd. solar panels, construction materials
Quanzhou Guangyan Hongda Stone Industry Co.,Ltd.
project tiles, cladding stones, countertops, vanity tops, tombstone, mosaics, fireplaces,
sculptures, granite tiles
Quanzhou Huayan Stone Co.,Ltd. stone products
Fujian Fushan Bearing Co.,Ltd pillow blocks and sperical splain bearings
Category Compnay Name Detailed profile
Fuzhou Jj Industries Inc. Switchtables, fuse tables, wire connectors
Boling Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. Photographic equipments, lights.
Fujian Taide Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. LED LCD displays, LED lights
Fujian Ams Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd Software products
Able Electric (Ningde) Co.,Ltd Multi purpose electric motors
Fujian Rongji Software Co;Ltd Software products
ABLE Electric Co.,Ltd Multi purpose electric motors
Fuzhou Furi Electronics Co.,Ltd Scales
Fuzhou Furi Weighing Electronics Co., Ltd Scales
Fuzhou Conssin Hardware Manufacture Co.Ltd LED lamps, tubes
Fu Jian Sunnada Communication Co.,Ltd Telecommunication antennas, repeaters, base stations
Fuzhou Monita Photoelectric Co., Ltd. Monitors, videocameras, DVR-s
Fuzhou Zhongao Technology Co.,Ltd. IT accys, mouses, keyboards
Fujian Zhongao Technology Co.,Ltd TV stands, wall mounts
Quanzhou Singlang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. High capacity maintainence free AGM batteries
Shishi Colorful Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. LED lamps, and lighting tubes
Xingan Optoelectronics Technology,LLC-Jinjiang LED lamps, and lighting tubes
Qs Electronics.,Ltd Handheld radios
Fujian Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd Manufacture of electronic measuring instruments
Channel Cailiang (Zhangzhou) Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. LED displays
Zhangzhou Nanjing Wanlida Technology CO.,LTD Tablets, projectors, Smartphones
Quanzhou Jintion Electronics Co.,Ltd Ni-Mh batteries, solar lights, radio batteries
Fujian Lanlan High-Tech Development Co.,Ltd. Various LED lights
Quanzhou city quantong photoelectric technology co., LTD optoelectronic products
Quanzhou city tietong electronic equipment co., LTD FM radios, telephones
Category Compnay Name Detailed profile
Fujian Cashion Garment Co.,Ltd. Polyester, pvc fabrics, fluorescent materials
Fujian Jinshan Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd Shoes, slippers
Fuzhou Boaisi Rubber And Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd. Shoes
Fuzhou Lixiang Import And Export Co.,Ltd T-shirts, childrens garments
Fuzhou Xingkaifu Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd. Fashion products
Ghangle Qingyun Knitting Co.,Ltd Needle textiles
Xiangxing (Fujian) Bag&Luggage Group Co.,Ltd. Backpacks, Trollys, Luggages
Junyang (Fuqing) Travel Appliances Co.,Ltd. Backpack, luggages, trolleys
Changle Yongyi Knitting&Textile Co.,Ltd Elastic laces, fabrics
Fuzhou Tiano Trading Co.,Ltd Slippers, sandals
Fujian Province Australia Wind Business Co.,Ltd Textile products, fabrics
Changle Dongcheng Knitting Co.,Ltd Textile products, polyester materials, fabrics
Fuzhou Howardsa Import & Export Co., Ltd Shoes, sandals, sanitary ware, tiles, fruit & vegetables
Fuzhou Fuwan Industry Co., Ltd slippers, shoes
Changle Fuyuan Knitting Co.,Ltd High elastic lace fabrics for clothes, underwear
Fujian Fangguan Knitting Co.,Ltd. Fabrics textile products
Changle Fanghua Textile Co., Ltd Textiles, fabrics
Changle Jialian Textile & Dyeing Co.,Ltd Polyester, nylon, spandex fabrics
Fuzhou Haiyi Import And Export Co.,Ltd. Backpacks, umbrellas, school bags
Changle Maoyuan Knitting And Weaving Co., Ltd Textile products
Fuzhou Shuntian Import&Export Co.,Ltd Fabrics
Putian Xiecheng Footwear Co., Ltd Shoes, boots
Fujian Changle Qingxiang Knitting Co.,Ltd Mesh fabric and knitted fabric
Changle Xinxinda Knitting Co., Ltd. Textile materials, fabrics
ChanGgle xingguang knitting co.,ltd Textile fabrics
Fuzhou Sunshine Textile Co.,Ltd Elastic fabrics, laces
Changle Youfa Textile Co., Ltd Knitwear products
Changle Yongcan Knitting Co., Ltd Textiles, fabrics, raw materials
Fujian Yanghe Imp & Exp Co., Ltd Ballerina shoes
Fuzhou Minhou Landun Plastic Co., Ltd. Waterproof clothes
Changle Haotai Trade Co., Ltd Fashion products, textiles, fabrics
Jinjiang Daxing Textile Co.,Ltd Swimwears, bikini
Quanzhou Liyang Sportbag Co.,Ltd Backpacks, trolleys
Quanzhou Toptex Garments Co.,Ltd Clothes, underwear
Baleaf (Quanzhou) Sports Goods Co .,Ltd Sportswear, skywear
Quanzhou Shengkang Trade Co.,Ltd Shoes, boots
Quanzhou City Tengyu Garments&Weaving Co.,LTD Fashion products
Hengxing Rain Gear&Toys Co.,Ltd.Jinjiang Umbrellas
Jinjiang Libixing Garment & Weaving Co. Ltd. Swimwear, Sportwear
Nan'an Maidi Shoes Co.,Ltd Shoes
Yuzhongniao (Fujian) Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd Umbrellas
Fashion & Textile
Category Compnay Name Detailed profile
Fujian Dunhuang Garments Co.,Ltd Running, cycling, knitwear
Jinjiang Jialemei Umbrella Co.,Ltd Umbrellas
Quanzhou Kingdom Footwear Co. Ltd Casual shoes, child shoes, boots, leather shoes
Fujian Bapai Textile Technology Co.,Ltd. Men's shorts, pants, shirts
Fashion Bear Garments & Weaving Co Ltd Fojian baby clothes, baby knitting, baby woven, boys 'and girls' suit, velvet suit, cowboy suit
Jinjiang Libixing Garment & Weaving Co. Ltd. swimwear, activewear, sports, fabric
Fujian Quanzhou Peak Sports Products Co.,Ltd. professional & casual sports apparel, footwear and accessories
Huafei (China) Dress Co.,Ltd
leisure apparels, outdoor wears, tracksuit, softshell jacket, padding jacket, windbreaker, ski
Xiyingying (Fujian) Dress & Weaving Co. Ltd. children's garments
Minghong Garments & Weaving Co.,Ltd, Jin Jing Baby clothes
Changle Yida Knitting &Textile Co., Ltd Cloth of shoes, cloth fabric manufacturing
Fujiang Yongfeng Knitting Textile CO,LTD
mesh (elastic/inelastic), jacquard meshes, swimming wear fabric, allover laces, trim laces,
microfiber, sportswear fabric
Quanzhou Fujian Jinli Knitting Co.,Ltd knitwear, sweaters
Fuzhou Fujian Changle Huaxin Needle& Spin Co.,Ltd.
mesh (elastic/inelastic), jacquard meshes, swimming wear fabric, allover laces, trim laces,
microfiber, sportswear fabric
Zhangzhou Longhai Shangquan Fashion Jewelry Co.,ltd Jewelry
Quanzhou Fujian Yongchun Haixing Travel Products Co.,Ltd. bags, backpacks
Quanzhou Suntex Garments Co.,Ltd underwears, swimwears, baby clothes
Quanzhou Dexin knitting Co,Ltd; knitting fabric and knitting children's wear
Quanzhou Wellcool Cushion Technology Co., Ltd. 3D fabric products
Fujian Fulian Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. poliester fabrics
Jinjiang Binlang Garment Weaving Co., Ltd. knitted garments, shirts, swimsuits, workout clothes
Fujian Daxi Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd Tieh-Kuan-Yin Tea
New World(Fuzhou)Agriculture Development Co., Ltd Vegetables, soybean, mushrooms, peanuts
Zhangzhou Fuxing Tea Development Co., Ltd. Oolong tea, Tuloukongfu black tea, "its carbon baking" tea, Wild Ming Tea
Nanjing County Shiye Edible Fungus Co., Ltd Various mushroom products
Fujian Minxing Group Huiquan Tea Development Co., Ltd Tea
Nanjing County Tulou Nanhuxiang Tea Co., Ltd Tea
Hongfa Group (China) Co., Ltd. Noodles
Fuzhou Huanrong Food Co.,Ltd. Fast frozen vegetables
Fun Food Development.Co.,Ltd.Fujian Konjack food
Fujiansheng Qinxiangyuan Tea Industry Co., Ltd Shibo tea
Yingfeng Foods Co. Ltd ginger
Zhangzhou Fujian Minxing Group Huiquan Tea Development Co., Ltd "Congou" black Tea, "Hong zhuang" tea, "Hong Yu" tea
Zhangzhou Nanjing County Tulou Nanhuxiang Tea Co., Ltd Black Tea, Tulou Old tea
Zhangzhou Fengsheng Food Co.,Ltd frozen boiled clam meat and clam juice
Food & Agriculture
Fashion & Textile
Category Compnay Name Detailed profile
Fuzhou Elansen Import and Export Co.Ltd Desk, chair, case
Fujian Rongjiang Imp And Exp Co.,Ltd. Sensor Trash can
Changle Jiahe Plastic Industry Inc Plactic food holders, boxes
Fuzhou Luyi Carving Crafts Co., Ltd.
Luckyland Handicrafts Co.,Ltd.Minhou Fujian Home decoration accys, furnitures
China Glory (Fuzhou) Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd. wooden baskets, wooden planters, metal planters
Putian Shengda Arts And Crafts Co., Ltd. Tieh-Kuan-Yin Tea
Fuzhou Brightsun Import & Export Co.,Ltd Outdoor products, aluminium products
Fuzhou Star & Moon Home Décor Co.,Ltd Home decoration products
Fuzhou Yunfei Home Décor Co.,Ltd Home decoration products
Fuzhou Xiongda Electronic Co.,Ltd Clocks
Fianjian Min Hou Nan Nan Arts And Crafts Co., Ltd Furnishings
Fuzhou Concert Arts Co., Ltd Wood, metal furnitures, accys
Minhou Forao Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. Rattan bamboo, plastic leather furnitures
Fuzhou My Sun Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd. Home decoration products
Fujian Minhou Rongxin Handicrafts Co., Ltd Wooden, and metal garden pots
Max Fortune (Fz) Paper Products Co.,Ltd Gift wrapping paper
Minhou County Yixin Household Products Co.,Ltd Handycraft home decor crafts
Fuzhou Senxin Household Products Co., Ltd. Photoframes, iron decoration products
Fuzhou Ruiyuan Folk Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. Photoframes, plastic plates
Gennral Union Stationery&Gift.Co.,Ltd Stationery, school bags, backpacks
Fuzhou Xiangying Good Home Commodity Trade Co.,Ltd. Food wrap bags, latex gloves
Minhou Caichao Artware Co., Ltd. Wooden furnitures
Fujian Minhou Folk Arts And Crafts Co.,Ltd. Pgotoframes, trays
Haofa Ceramics Co.Ltd Dehua,Fujian Ceramic kitchenware
Fujian Dehua Dongsheng Ceramic Co., Ltd. Ceramic kitchenware, pots, mugs
Fujian Quanzhou Weisheng Group. Co., Ltd. Ceramic tea sets, canister
Fujian Dehua Xingye Ceramic Co., Ltd. Ceramic kitchenware, money bank
Up Growing Handicraft Co.,Ltd. Flower stand, bird cage, basket, flower pot
Fujian Dehua Huilong Ceramic Co.,Ltd. Cartoon cups Money jars, sealed jars, Children Table-ware
Anxi Greate Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd Home decoration products, chairs, wall decoration, shelf
Fujian Dehua Dongsheng Ceramic Co., Ltd. ceramic bowls, mugs
Fujian Dehua Xingye Ceramic Co., Ltd. ceramic products, indoor accessories
Fujian Quanzhou Weisheng Group. Co., Ltd. tea pots, canister
Zhangzhou Fujian Henglong Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. plastic food containers
Ronghua Traveling Goods Corp. Tents, sleeping bags
Fuzhou Suncamp Tourism Products Co., LTD Outdoor sport products trek products
Fujian Strong Commerce & Exhibition Co Event organization
Fujian Jinjiang Jeeone Printing & Dyeing Machinery Co.?Ltd. Printing machinesOther
Interior Design &

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