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Emerging Systems for Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing
Yongping Zhang, Linhua Zhou, Elwin Mao
1. Auflage
Emerging Systems for Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing – Zhang / Zhou / Mao
schnell und portofrei erhältlich bei beck-shop.de DIE FACHBUCHHANDLUNG
Thematische Gliederung:
Modellierung & Simulation
Trans Tech Publications 2012
Verlag C.H. Beck im Internet:
ISBN 978 3 03785 275 0
Table of Contents
Preface, Organizing Committees and Sponsors
Chapter 1: Applied Materials
Investigation on Dissolving and Strain Induced Precipitation Behavior in Nb-Bearing
Microalloyed Steel
S.Q. Yuan, G.L. Liang and H.B. Wu 3
Investigation on Nano-Scale Structure of Plain and FA Cement Paste
H.Y. Sun, Z. He, A.M. Gong, X.D. Wen, Y.L. Peng and F.L. Wang 7
Numerical Simulation of Different Projectile Penetrating the Single-Layer Steel Target
L.S. Liu, J. Liu and Y.B. Shi 12
Microstructure Modeling for Prediction of Thermal Conductivity of Plain Weave C/SiC
Fibre Bundles Considering Manufacturing Flaws
S.L. Lv, Q.N. Zeng, L.J. Yao, L.D. Chen and X.Y. Tong 17
Effect of Annealing Process and Cold Reduction Ratio on Microstructure and Mechanical
Property of 350MPa Grade Structural Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheets
M.L. Wang, Z.W. Zheng and L. Xiao 23
The Corrosion Behavior of 304L and 316L Stainless Steel in Food Grade Phosphoric Acid
Y.L. Li, S. Xiang, H.T. Zeng, J.P. Wang and Q.D. Wang 28
Numerical Study on the Equivalent Target for Deep Penetration
S.Y. Wang, J.B. Men and J.W. Jiang 32
The Study on Engineering Construction Material Information Management System Based
on .NET
J.Q. Liang, S.C. Guo, C. Gao, Z.G. Du, L. Li and S.S. Yang 37
Microstructure and Performance of Multiple Tracks Lap-Joint Coating by Plasma
L.M. Wang, J.B. Liu and B.X. Huang 42
Study on the Performances and Interfacial Structure of Magnesium Hydroxide
Whiskers/ABS Composites
Y.Z. Jiang, L.L. Zhang and Y.B. Li 46
An Improved Magnesium Alloy Heater’s Controller Based on the Smith Predictor
X.X. Hu 51
Application of SPC in the Quality Control of the Leaf Tobacco Threshing and Redrying
P.P. Huang and H.W. Liu 56
IFC-Compatible Durability Controlling System for RC Structure
Y.H. Ye, W.P. Liu and B. Diao 60
The Research of Biological Reaction Food Waste Disposal Equipment
Y.J. Lan, Y.D. Liu, Y.J. Sheng, W.T. Shi, Y. Zhang and Y. Liu 65
Improve Lower Leg Impact Performance Considering Pedestrian Protection
J.H. Chen and X.D. Huang 70
Fluid Flowing of Cohesive Mixing in the Tank of a Planetary Mixer
M.J. Yang, X.W. Li and T.L. Shi 75
Fracture Monitoring of Composite Wind Turbine Blade Using High-Speed Bragg Grating
Sensor System
H.J. Bang and S.H. Kim 79
Failure Mode Estimation with Inter-Fiber Failure Analysis of Composite Wind Turbine
S.H. Kim and H.J. Bang 84
Chapter 2: Fundamental Materials Science
Facile Synthesis of Flake Copper Powder Loaded With Silver Particles
X.F. Tian and W.K. Zhang 91
Research on Strength Characteristics of Expansive Soil
Q. Li and L. Fu 96
Deriving Plastic Constitutive Equations of the Material in Complex Stress State by Means
of Simple Test Results
X.J. Feng and L.F. Liang 100
Properties of Graphite Matrix Composite Bipolar Plate Reinforced by Short Carbon Fiber
Y.M. Wang, W.Q. Wang and A.J. Li 105
Controlled Preparation of Microporous Polymer Membrane by Simple Biodegradation
G.Z. Guo, Y.Y. Sun, B.H. Yang and Y.Q. Liu 110
Study on Stress Intensity Factor of PMMA with Double Cracks Using Coherent Gradient
Sensing (CGS) Technique
L.T. Mao, C.P. Liu, K. Chen, L.Q. An and X.X. Zhu 114
Decomposition of Two Phase WC and W2C in Casting Tungsten Carbide Particles in
Steel/Iron Substrate Composites
Q. Shan, Z.L. Li, Y.H. Jiang, R. Zhou and Y.D. Sui 120
The Adsorption of Low Concentration SO2 with the Second Modified Activated Carbon
Fiber Loaded Mn
J. Fu, Y.C. Yan and J. Zhang 125
Features Extraction of CO2 Signal with Operational Conditions Adaptability
J. Sun and W.G. Lin 131
Finite Element Simulation of Surface Roughness of an Al-5052 Plate Processed by Shot
J.X. Lan, M.L. Wang, Y.H. Wang and X.J. Shen 136
Micro-Structure and Hardness of (Ti,Al,Nb)N Coatings Prepared under Different Negative
Pulse Bias by Arc Ion Plating
M.S. Li, S.J. Zhang, J. Huang and L.Z. Zhang 141
Crack Behavior of Fe-Based Coating by Plasma Cladding
J.B. Liu, L.M. Wang and B.X. Huang 145
Alloy and Powder Preparation of High Niobium Containing TiAl Based Alloys
H.J. Zeng, L.Q. Zhang, J.P. Lin, S.J. Zhang and G.L. Chen 150
Study on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin/Carbon Black
Composites Prepared by in Situ Polymerization
X.F. Lu, P.Q. La, X. Guo and Y.P. Wei 156
Soften Behavior of 7050 Aluminum Alloy during High Temperature Compression
H. Hu, X.D. Kong and Z.H. Shao 161
Experimental Study on the Process of the Three-Dimensional Rock Crack Growth
Influenced by the Pre-Crack Profile Geometry
D. Yan, Y.J. Kang, D. Zhang and S.P. Ma 165
Study on Curing Reaction and Mechanical Properties of Liquid Crystalline PSBPEPB/BPAER/MeTHPA System
L. Huo, Y.G. Du and Y.M. Wang 170
A Facile Method for the Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles in the Presence of Sodium
Y.L. Shi, Q. Zhou, L.Y. Lv and W. Hong 174
Chapter 3: Mechanics of Materials
Dynamic Data-Bit Allocation of a Ternary Optical Computer
X.C. Wang, Y.F. Yao, C.S. Wang and K.Z. Wang 181
Study on a New Technological Scheme for Cold Press Forging Forming of Step Holes in
Thick Sheet Metal
J.L. Liu, K.S. Wang and X.W. Chen 187
Application of Group Technology in Mechanical Processing
C.L. Liu and K.S. Wang 191
b Emerging Systems for Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing
Measurement of Permittivity of Ferroelectrics Using Coaxial Resonator
B. Tan and S.B. Su 195
Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Magnetic Bearing-Rotor System under the Influences of Base
W.W. Zhang 199
Optimization of Lug Design Based on Damage Tolerance Analysis
Z.P. Yin, G.F. Li, Q.Q. Huang, J. Zhang and M.B. Xu 204
Theoretical Study on Stability of the Separable Elliptic Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting
H. Li, K.F. Song, Z. Yin and Z.Y. Cao 210
Particle Swarm Optimization for Cylinder Helical Gear Multi-Objective Design Problems
Y.B. Mo 216
A Cascaded Multi- and Single-Mode Fiber Transporting for Laser Beam
Z.G. Xiao, Y. Jiang and X. Xiao 222
Research and Analysis of Dry Crushed Waste Tire Processing
J. Yang, S.G. Yang and L.J. Qiu 228
Flow Filed Simulation Analysis of Nearly Balanced Drilling Mechanism
X.H. Yi, X.M. Cheng and H.C. Fan 232
Optical Fiber CO Concentration Measurement Prism of the Gas Chamber Variable Optical
Path Automatic Adjustment System Research
H.X. Zhu, H. Zheng, H.B. Zhang, X. Wang, B.X. Yang, X. Yang and B. Hou 237
Simulating the Fracture Wave Field Characteristics Using Finite Element Method of the
Anisotropic Elastic Wave
D.Y. Yang 244
Intelligent Vehicle-Mounted Alcohol Detection Control System
F.P. Li, M.L. Jiang and Z.Y. Guo 248
Thermal Shock Cracks Initiation and Propagation of WCp / Steel Substrate Surface
Composite at 500
R.Q. Huang, Z.L. Li, Y.H. Jiang, R. Zhou and F. Gao 253
The Preparation of the Second Modification of Activated Carbon Fiber Loaded Mn
L. Lu, J. Zhang and Y.C. Yan 261
A Low-Power High Linearity Gm-C Filter
H.Y. Hu, L. Sun, H.M. Zhang and J.J. Song 266
Design and Implementation of High-Speed Dual-Modulus
J.J. Song, L. Sun, H.M. Zhang and H.Y. Hu 271
Numerical Simulation Analysis for Enclosure Piles Cracking of a Deep Pit Foundation
J.C. Zhang, Y.K. Yang and Y. Xu 276
Study on Emission Control of CNG Engine Based on D-S Evidence Theory
X.Q. Li, S.Y. Cai, B. Liu and X.Q. He 281
Generic Object Detection Based on Boosting Embedded with Bag-of-Words
X.N. Qiu, S.R. Liu and J.T. Song 285
Seismic Vulnerability Analysis of Water Pipeline in Wenchuan Earthquake
E.D. Guo, D. Yang, Z. Liu and Z.R. Wang 290
Simulation Study on the Heavy Parts of Pipe Hydrostatic Tester and their Structures
R.J. Gu, J.G. Liu, J.G. Zhang, P.L. Li, Y.L. Kou and H.C. Liu 296
Stream Function of Cohesive Mixing in the Tank of a Planetary Mixer
M.J. Yang, X.W. Li and T.L. Shi 302
Fuzzy-Control with Gray-Predictor for Time-Varying Delay Systems
Z.Y. Zhang, X. Liu and C.X. Huang 306
Chapter 4: Manufacturing and Mechanics Engineering
A Novel Fault Diagnosis for Rolling Element Bearings Based on Continuous Wavelet
Transform and Hidden Markov Model
R.G. Zhang and Y.H. Tan 313
Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 109 c
Neural Network-Based Reliability Prediction of Free-Running Submarine Model Test
O. Liu, W. Wang and C.H. Yang 318
Design of Fractional Order Fuzzy Controller Based on Sliding Mode Control for Robotic
Flexible Joint Manipulators
A. Fayazi and A.H. Hadjahmadi 323
Synchronization of Chaotic Fractional-Order Systems via Fractional-Order Adaptive
A. Fayazi 333
Design and Optimization of the Hydraulic Incline Drawing Lifting Mechanism
W.Y. Shang and F.J. Qiu 340
Influence of Depth of Cut on Grind-Hardened Layer and Its Uniformity
L.F. Liu, J.Z. Zhuang and C. Liu 345
FEA Simulation of Extruding Feed through Die Hole in Pelleting Process
K. Wu, S.J. Shi, Y.L. Wang and B.B. Peng 350
Research on the Integrated Development System of NGW Planetary Gear Transmission
J.B. Wu, L. Shu and X. Wang 355
Timing Effection Analysis of Micro-Robot Actuated by ICPF
L. Nie, X.L. Zhang and R. Nie 360
Design of the Automatic Position Block for the Punched Holes on Angle Steel of
Transmission Tower
X.L. Wang, X.S. Wang and K.T. Li 364
Cans’ Optimization Design Model
J.E. Ma and M.Y. Li 368
Development of Safety Detection Integrated Equipment for Car Seat
F.Y. Wang, L. Hong and L.F. Yang 372
Automatic Wool Washing Machine Design and Research
H.C. Fan, X.H. Yi, X.M. Cheng and Y.F. Zhu 377
Rescue Robot Design and Research
Y.P. Mao, H.C. Fan, C. Li and H.F. Lin 381
The 3D Measuring Method Based on the Color Coding Grating
J. Chen, K.T. Li, X.B. Ouyang and S.H. Ding 385
Design of Vibration Isolation System for Laser Strapdown IMU
D.D. Huang and B. Wu 390
Design and Simulation of Brushless DC Motor Control System Based on DSP
X. Zhang, R.Y. Sun and X.M. Liu 395
Research and Application of High-Efficiency Multi-Cyclone Dust Removal
Y.H. Yang and D.F. Ni 400
Pricing of Some Exotic Options under Jump Diffusion and Stochastic Interest Rates Model
B. Peng 405
The Method on Modifying the Dynamic Properties of Self-Interactive Systems by External
W. Wang 410
Discussion of Security and Health Monitoring on Quayside Container Crane
J.C. Zhang, L. Ji and K. Qi 415
Automatic Assembly and Key Technologies of Expansion Joints
Y.K. Fang 420
Analysis on Tax Preferential Policies of Promoting University Students' Venture and
R. Jiang 424
Research on Teaching Reform of the “Tax Law” Course
R. Jiang 428
The Mathematical Modeling Method of the Square Packing Container Optimization
L.S. Wang, D.A. Wang, J.L. Chen and H.N. Ni 432
Program Design of On-Line Fault Diagnosis for ASCS of AMT in a Heavy-Duty Vehicle
H.O. Liu, A. Zeng and W.Q. Song 437
d Emerging Systems for Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing
Studies on Mega-Pixel Cell Phone Lenses Based on Aspheric Optics
Y.J. Zhu, F.J. Chen and S.H. Yin 441
On the Living Satisfaction of University Students Based on the Restriction Factors of
Recreational Activities - A Case Study of Zhejiang
F.F. Chen and S.H. Bie 445
Rapid Prototyping of Handicraft Based on Reverse Engineering
X.M. Cheng, Z.Q. Ye and X.H. Yi 451
Chapter 5: Industrial Mechanics
Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Underground Mine Surveillance Images Based on MAP
G.L. Fan, Z.C. Wang and Y.Q. Zhao 457
The Study and Application of Knowledge Management System of Manufacture Enterprise
under Collaborative Manufacturing
L.J. Tai, R.F. Hu and H. Zhao 462
Robust and Fast Spatial Verification
W.Y. Wang, R.J. Guo, H. Yu and S.R. Tian 466
Research on Class Evaluating Method for Cooling Water Fouling Countermeasures Based
on PNN
J. Li, H. Pan and L.F. Sun 471
Simulation for Operation of Tidal Power Plant
X.B. Ouyang and W. Lu 476
Numerical Simulation Analysis of High-Voltage Transmission Tower
H.X. Lin, X.C. Ma and W.L. Cai 480
Design of LED Backlight Module Used for Large-Size TFT-LCD
J.Y. Zhou, J.S. Xu, Q.H. Lin and W.Y. Pei 485
Analysis of Green Ships Design and Manufacturing Technology
T.L. Guo, H.X. Zhang and H.J. Dai 489
Modeling and Simulation of LED Manufacturing Process with ExtendSim
Y.H. Ao and Z.X. Wu 494
Process Technology and Fixture Design for Critical Component of Radar
L.Z. Jiang, W. Zhang and M. Zhang 499
Numerical Analysis for the Multi-Point Stretch Forming Process of Aircraft Skin Panel
Y.S. Deng, Y. Yao and S.H. Wang 504
Numerical Simulation of Gas Flow Field in Gas-Liquid Hydrocyclone Separator
X.H. Jin, F.S. Han, J.L. Zhang, H. Huang and X.W. Liu 509
Shaping Parameter Control of High-Speed Cold Roll-Beating Based on Simulation and
Regression Analysis
M.S. Yang, Y. Li, Q.L. Yuan and J.M. Zheng 517
Schedule Study and Simulation Experiment of Lift-Sliding Stereo Garage Based on A*
Z.X. Yang, X.B. Ren, J.T. Song and W.L. Wang 523
A New PRI Transform for the Deinterleaving of Radar Pulses
X.Y. Zhao, H.Y. Wang, C.Z. Yang and H.C. Wu 528
System Modeling and Application in Gearbox Fault Diagnosis Based on EMD and ARX
H.X. Pan and L.M. Sun 532
Circuit Design on Electronic Control System of Automatic Transmission of Automobile
Y.D. Song 537
Design of Sliding Mode Control Based on Nonlinear Observer for Nonlinear System
H.D. Duan, Y.T. Tian and D.J. Liu 541
Analysis of Driver’s Physiological Characteristics under Ice-Snow Conditions Base on
Driving Simulator
L.W. Hu and Y.L. Pei 547
Numerical Simulation of High Velocity Waterjet Characteristics and Impact Pressure
Q. Luo, K. He, H. Mao, J.H. Li, Q.C. Li and R.X. Du 551
Loading-Control of Eddy Current Dynamometer for AMT Test Bench
Y.N. Zhao and J.B. Chen 557
Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 109 e
Study of Calibration Technology of AMT Clutch Control
F.Y. Yue, H.O. Liu and J.X. Peng 561
The Testing Equipment Research of Auto Electric Window Lifter Performance
Q.H. Li, Y.G. Li and C.S. He 567
Secondary Development of Automatic Drawing Software of Spindle of Numerical Control
S.L. Zhang and N.Q. Zhang 571
Chapter 6: Materials and Mechanics Information System
Research of Recommended Service of Mobile Terminal Based on User Behavior Analysis
W. Liu, D.M. Mu, D.L. Huang and J. Hao 577
Design of Defense Algorithm Concerning Arp Attack on Campus Network
H.X. Zhang, J.S. Zhu, K.J. He and Z.X. Wu 582
Development of Embedded System GUI Based on Qt/Embedded
R. Song, W.C. Lang and S.W. Pan 586
Principles of Collaborative Decision Making Application at Airport (Ukraine)
B. Wang and S.L. Yang 591
A Time Petri Net Representation for Scientific Research Project Management
B.Q. Ren, J. Guo and W.Z. Zhong 596
Design on Data Manipulation Class Based on ADO.NET
Y.C. Ren, T. Xing, Z.F. Xing and W. Cai 603
Developing Students’ Comprehensive Abilities through Mathematical Modeling Teaching
J.E. Ma, D.M. Li and D.B. Zhu 608
Chinese New Word Identification Using N-Gram and PPM Models
D. Li, W. Tu and L. Shi 612
Dynamics of a Pair of Five-Neuron Networks with Delays
X.C. Mao 617
The Study of Point Cloud Data Automatic Merging Technology in 3D Measuring
F. Su and J.T. Cheng 621
A New Efficient Secure Multi-Party Computation
Y.L. Tang 626
Study on Cloud Computing in Telecommunications
P.Y. Yuan 631
A New Fuzzy Support Vector Machine for Credit Scoring
B. Tang and M. Xia 636
LAHP-Based Theory of Building e-Commerce Customer Satisfaction Degree Index System
C.M. Jia and L.H. Yu 641
A Study on the Development Strategies of the 4PL in Ningbo
C.M. Jia, L.H. Yu and X. Chen 646
Ningbo Urban Logistics System Planning
C.M. Jia and L.H. Yu 651
Feature Analysis for Shadow Detection
X.P. Hu, W. Huang and G.M. Shi 656
Fitting Methods by Cubic Spline Interpolation to Curved Surface Molding in Automobiles’
Covering Components
H.X. Yao and P.C. Niu 661
Adaptive Contract Net Protocol Based on Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
X.L. Tang, Z. Fan, Y.N. Li and L.Q. Cai 666
PSO-Based Uncorrelated Hybrid Discriminant Analysis Algorithm
X.P. Liu and G.Y. Xu 671
Optimization Methods of Loading Path for Tube Hydroforming
Z.H. Tao, L.F. Yang and X.C. Mao 676
A New Formant Detection Algorithm Based on Cepstrum
J.B. He, H.C. Fan, X.H. Yi and J.F. Hu 681
Design of Embedded Multimedia Advertising System
Y. Chen 685
f Emerging Systems for Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing
Research of Image Denoising Based on Wavelet Threshold
P.G. Hou, H.F. Gu and Y.T. Wang 690
The Study of CNC Machine Tools Interface Design
C.Q. Yang 695
Study on Word Association Knowledge and Reading Ability
T. Mao 699
Teaching Interpretation for English Majors of Vocational Colleges - A Workshop Approach
T. Mao 703
Computer Aided Design of Valve Train of Cylinder
Z.T. Wu 707
Computer Aided Design of Transmission Components of Liquid Stirred Tank
Y. Jiang and J. Liu 711
Research on Mining Frequent Path and Prediction Algorithms of Object Movement
Patterns in RFID Database
K.F. Hu, L. Zhao, Y.C. Xu and L. Chen 715
Data Acquisition System Based on VC++
J.B. Wu, X. Wang and L. Shu 720
A SPH Based Particle System Editor for Computer Games
Y.S. Zhan and X.J. Chen 725
Multi-Relational Sequential Pattern Mining Based on Iceberg Concept Lattice
J. Yin, Y. Li, C.C. Shen and B. Liu 729
Research on Framework of Digital City Based on GIS
Y.S. Zhan, X.J. Chen and W.Z. Liu 734
A Survey of Mobile Internet Data Management: Models and Searching Methods
H. Zheng and Y. Xu 738

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